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Category Archives: Single women

4 Ways Distressed Homeowners Can Start Fresh

Tweet  Clearly, thankfully, the market is looking up. Way up, actually. In many markets, tales of multiple offers and a dearth of homes vis-à-vis the numbers of buyers who want them are becoming commonplace. Now, many analysts point to the banks’ intentional decision to keep many foreclosures off the market as artificially driving this …

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Single Ladies

Tweet Consumers are still spending money in this economy and women are a driving force behind it.  Here are some interesting statistics: Since 2005, women have earned more college degrees in the US ; 57% of Bachelors,  60.6% of Masters and 50.5% of Doctoral level degrees From 1990 to 2006, women’s incomes grew by a …

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Need Help for Repaying the Home Buyer Tax Credit?

Tweet  When the first-time home buyer tax credit was enacted in 2008, in the aftermath of the housing crisis, it was structured as a no-interest loan and taxpayers who used it had to pay it back over time (in annual installments through your tax return). In 2009, the credit was amended to eliminate …

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Median Price can be Misleading

Property owners and buyers need neighborhood specific information that is current to make their decisions.

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