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Category Archives: Investors

Seven Useful Lawn Care Tips


Tweet  Top Tips to Save Money on Landscaping   As any homeowner knows, landscaping can cost much more than one might initially expect. You can save money and have a beautifully landscaped home by doing more yourself and with these tips:   1. Hire a consultant – Hiring a landscape designer can be an …

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Should Landlords be Friends with their Tenants?


Tweet Most of us like to be liked by everyone.  We try to please those who are around us.  But if you are a landlord, you have to put the business first as being to kind or friendly may not be to your benefit.  Your three most important goal should be: Finding good tenants …

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Four Reasons to Sell an Investment Home Now!

Tweet Are you thinking about selling? Best to consider these factors and avoid the following traps. 1. Profit has been maximised: When a property has reached maximum value, there is little value in holding onto it for longer.   Do not wait until the market is turning downward.  Then all you are doing is …

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Denver Building Permits Can Protect You!

Tweet Residential Improvement Reminder from City of Denver When work is done without permits, it comes to light at the time a property is sold, refinanced or when a contractor or neighbor notices a problem and reports it to the City.  This applies to many of the metro area suburbs too!  FHA appraisers may …

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Renting vs Buying in Westminster Colorado

Tweet Renters have been happy to sidestep the drama homeowners have suffered in the roller-coaster housing market.  But they are now facing the downside of the real estate market’s correction. With apartment and rental housing construction halved in recent years and a wave of former homeowners competing for apartment space with “echo boomers” and other renters, …

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How to Find a Tenant for Your Rentals

Tweet Do to the increasing popularity of the internet and social media, there are new and cost effective ways to advertize your rental.  You can always go to sites like forrentbyowner.com, craigslist.com or postlets.com. Another alternative is to put it up on Facebook and see if any of your friends know someone who will …

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Six Areas of Your Home that need Attention NOW!

Tweet It is that time of year again.  Maybe the snow and chilly weather caught you by surprise, so see what you can do to help prevent any unexpected repair bills.  Here are some ideas from my inspector at Amerispec.  See if any of these are ones you might have overlooked.  A little time …

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6 Mistakes Sellers Make and How to Avoid Them

Tweet 1. Wrong Price. If you want to sell your home faster, price it right in the beginning.  Overpriced homes appeal to fewer people and can even scare them away.  Most neighborhoods have more homes to sell than buyers so they choose the best priced homes first.     2. Over Improving. It is …

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