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Category Archives: Home Owners

Lenders May Be Loosening Loan Requirements for Purchasers of Thornton Colorado Homes

Tweet Here’s some unexpected good news for anybody working to get buyers into Thornton Colorado homes, especially first-timers who don’t have much down payment cash on hand: The door to an FHA-insured mortgage may have just opened a little wider. Two of the largest FHA-approved lenders have backed off their controversial “overlay” requirements on …

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Property Tax Assessments are coming

Tweet In the month of January, a “statement of taxes due” is sent by the county treasurer to each property owner.  Check your property taxes and see if your valuation may be too high.  There are several ways to dispute this depending on the county you live in.  Some counties are even letting you …

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Tax Laws Changing for Investors

Tweet Some of the new tax laws can catch up to independent contractors through the investors or companies they maybe working for.  A self-employed service provider such as a gardener, plumber or accountant you hire to perform services for your rental activity is an independent contractor for tax purposes — and not your employee.  As …

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Smart Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling

Tweet Try these seven steps that help you set your priorities with your new kitchen.  By keeping the same footprint, adding storage, and designing adequate lighting you preserve value and keep your costs on track. 1. Establish your priorities Simple enough? Not so fast. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends spending at least …

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Median Price can be Misleading

Property owners and buyers need neighborhood specific information that is current to make their decisions.

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