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Category Archives: Home Owners

Denver Building Permits Can Protect You!

Tweet Residential Improvement Reminder from City of Denver When work is done without permits, it comes to light at the time a property is sold, refinanced or when a contractor or neighbor notices a problem and reports it to the City.  This applies to many of the metro area suburbs too!  FHA appraisers may …

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Stop the Holiday Madness and Relax!

Tweet It happens every year: You vow to enjoy the holidays, spend quality time with your friends and family, and maybe even give back to your community. Then, little by little, your stress level increases. Family time becomes filled with anxiety. Holiday parties are another dreaded task on your to-do list. And all that …

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Five Cheap ways to Improve your Kitchen Now!

Tweet   The good news for homeowners: Consumer Reports’ latest tests yields a tantalizing menu of value-priced kitchen upgrades that cost as little as $1,000. Besides paying off now in improved looks and convenience, these smaller upgrades are likelier to pay bigger dividends later as home prices rebound. Here’s the list: Add fresh paint …

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Sellers – NOW is the Time to Sell!

Tweet Here are some great excerpts from local experts on our Real Estate Market today.  There is a lot of pent up demand for housing and if you are planning on making a transition in your home situation or have been waiting for the market to recover, NOW is the time to sell.  We …

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Moving Checklist for Buyers and Sellers

Tweet 4 Weeks Prior to Move Make a “Move” file folder to keep track of documentation and records of the moving process. Set up a calendar for your move to mark deadlines and reminders. Hold a garage sale to rid yourself of furniture, clothes and other items you’d prefer not to move. Contact a …

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Denver’s 2013 Housing Inventory Shrinks!

Tweet The average discount on homes that have sold in Denver this year in at a all time low.  Currently, the metro Denver inventory is at a 23 year low while the number of active homes on the market is down over 30% since the same time last year.  There is also a greatly reduced days …

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Top 10 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays

Tweet You may be surprised at how many buyers are still out looking for homes.  These buyers are serious and not just out for fun this time of year.  A decorated home can really be a plus at this time of year.       People who look for a home in the winter months aren’t just lookers. …

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Six Areas of Your Home that need Attention NOW!

Tweet It is that time of year again.  Maybe the snow and chilly weather caught you by surprise, so see what you can do to help prevent any unexpected repair bills.  Here are some ideas from my inspector at Amerispec.  See if any of these are ones you might have overlooked.  A little time …

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