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Category Archives: Generation X

The difference between Modern and Contemporary in Denver Homes

Tweet   What is the difference between a “modern” Denver home and a “contemporary” Denver home?  It is a question that comes up and one that  buyers ask whenever they are looking for a modern or contemporary Denver home.  There is a lot of confusion between the real meanings of these terms and it …

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Stop the Holiday Madness and Relax!

Tweet It happens every year: You vow to enjoy the holidays, spend quality time with your friends and family, and maybe even give back to your community. Then, little by little, your stress level increases. Family time becomes filled with anxiety. Holiday parties are another dreaded task on your to-do list. And all that …

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Single Ladies

Tweet Consumers are still spending money in this economy and women are a driving force behind it.  Here are some interesting statistics: Since 2005, women have earned more college degrees in the US ; 57% of Bachelors,  60.6% of Masters and 50.5% of Doctoral level degrees From 1990 to 2006, women’s incomes grew by a …

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Median Price can be Misleading

Property owners and buyers need neighborhood specific information that is current to make their decisions.

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