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Must Do’s After you’ve Paid Off Your Mortgage!

Tweet Must-do’s after mortgage is paid off How to handle deed-of-trust release, automatic payments BY BENNY KASS, TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 2011. Inman News™ DEAR BENNY: Because savings interest rates are so low, I’ve decided to accelerate paying off my home mortgage. But after I pay off the mortgage, then what? What else do I …

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Let your Realtor and Lender Help with the Paperwork!

Tweet As the rules for getting a home loan have tightened, the list of documents that home buyers must bring to their lenders is expanding.  Home buyers and sellers  often bristle with the mere thought of all the paperwork they expect they’ll have to come up with to do their transaction.  this is above …

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Denver Building Permits Can Protect You!

Tweet Residential Improvement Reminder from City of Denver When work is done without permits, it comes to light at the time a property is sold, refinanced or when a contractor or neighbor notices a problem and reports it to the City.  This applies to many of the metro area suburbs too!  FHA appraisers may …

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Procrastination a problem? Get started Now in 2014!

Tweet Is there a project you’ve stalled on, something you’re procrastinating on, or a part of your business you’ve been avoiding but know needs attention? You’re not alone. My garage was a mess after the holiday months.  I went in to organize and found a dozen boxes of tissue, 6 boxes of zip lock …

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Stop the Holiday Madness and Relax!

Tweet It happens every year: You vow to enjoy the holidays, spend quality time with your friends and family, and maybe even give back to your community. Then, little by little, your stress level increases. Family time becomes filled with anxiety. Holiday parties are another dreaded task on your to-do list. And all that …

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Five Cheap ways to Improve your Kitchen Now!

Tweet   The good news for homeowners: Consumer Reports’ latest tests yields a tantalizing menu of value-priced kitchen upgrades that cost as little as $1,000. Besides paying off now in improved looks and convenience, these smaller upgrades are likelier to pay bigger dividends later as home prices rebound. Here’s the list: Add fresh paint …

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Renting vs Buying in Westminster Colorado

Tweet Renters have been happy to sidestep the drama homeowners have suffered in the roller-coaster housing market.  But they are now facing the downside of the real estate market’s correction. With apartment and rental housing construction halved in recent years and a wave of former homeowners competing for apartment space with “echo boomers” and other renters, …

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Single Ladies

Tweet Consumers are still spending money in this economy and women are a driving force behind it.  Here are some interesting statistics: Since 2005, women have earned more college degrees in the US ; 57% of Bachelors,  60.6% of Masters and 50.5% of Doctoral level degrees From 1990 to 2006, women’s incomes grew by a …

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