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Seven Useful Lawn Care Tips

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by nancy
May 20, 2015
Category:   Home Owners, Investors, Sellers

 Top Tips to Save Money on Landscaping


As any homeowner knows, landscaping can cost much more than one might initially expect. You can save money and have a beautifully landscaped home by doing more yourself and with these tips:

 Legacy Ridge Homes in Westminster Colorado

1. Hire a consultant – Hiring a landscape designer can be an expensive proposition. Save money by creating and drawing your own plan then hire a landscape designer to review your plan.  There are many sites on the web you can go to that will also help you design and visualize what your home could look like with some more foliage.  A specialist, as well as books, web sites and your local garden center can help you find plants that will thrive in Westminster CO high plain climate.  Try to vary plant size, texture and color to provide an interesting pallet throughout the season.  You could even try a Moonlight garden which consists of all white plants that really make your yard pop in the evening if that is when you entertain.

2. Divide and trade – If you like plants and/or trees that your neighbor has, ask if you can divide plants and trade with them. Dividing plants helps out a neighbor whos garden is overgrown.  It also gives you a variety that grows well in Westminster.  Some older neighborhood have more unique heirloom plants that have been in gardens for generations.

You can also offer to have seed exchanges with neighbors.  After plants have bloomed and the flower has dried, you can scatter the seeds in your garden or give them to neighbors who have admired your plantings.  What a great way to meet neighbors and interact with your community in Westminster.

 3. Buy small – Oftentimes it is less expensive to buy a number of smaller plants than one larger one. Buy smaller, save money and watch your plants grow over the coming couple of of seasons.   If you have ever notice an overgrown yard, you can see what happens by buying too many plants or varieties that grow too large for the area you planted them in.

4. Check alternative sources – Do some research to find alternative sources for trees and plants. Some cities and foundations give away free trees. Oftentimes botanical gardens and plant societies have plant sales and giveaways.  In some areas, even HOA associations will replace a boulevard tree that has died.  At the end of the summer, many garden centers offer trees at deeply discounted prices so they don’t have to carry them through the winter.  In Westminster CO, you may need to supplement the natural water as some winters tend to be very dry.  You don’t want to lose something after all the work you did to get it planted. 

5. Compost – Save money on buying soil and fertilizer by composting. All you’ll need is a small, fenced off area of your yard cordoned off with chicken wire and 2 x 4’s.  Garden Centers and even have the  pre-made variety.  This can save a lot on fertilized and reduces the amount of chemicals in our environment.

6. Use what you have– Work with the plants and trees you already have. If a tree, plant or shrub is not thriving as you like it to, take time to do some research. You can find pruning and plant care advice online or ask your favorite garden retailer.  If it is small enough, you can move it to another location in your yard where it can thrive.   As folige grows denser, you may not have as much sun light coming to your plants.  Pruning or relocation is a great way to change the percentage of sun in your yard.

7. Take a phased approach – Keep in mind that you don’t have to create your dream design all at once. Split your plan into affordable phases and complete each phase as time and money permit. You’ll save money on financing costs and have time to adjust your plan and shop for the best prices as you go along.

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